Sally Schonfeldt – The Ketty La Rocca Reading Room

The Ketty La Rocca Research Project is a theoretical mediation into the life and work of the Italian feminist neo-avant-garde artist, Ketty la Rocca*. The research, enacted by the artist Sally Schonfeldt, will expose the pioneering work of this artist to a contemporary generation of viewers. By creating an aesthetically informative display the artist seeks to provide space for contemplation and individual knowledge production. An accompanying dialogue with the research that spans a generational connection between two women artists will be presented in the form of a research diary entitled Sally Schonfeldt: The Ketty la Rocca Research Diary, which documents the projectʼs process.

* Ketty la Rocca (b.1938 La Spezia,d.1976 Firenze) was an Italian artist working at the forefront of the Italian neo avant-garde of the 1960s and 70s. Her career spanned from an early engagement with image/text/collage works on paper as part of the Gruppo 70ʼ poesia visiva movement to her pioneering work with experimental media such as video, performance and body art. In her oeuvre she sought to explore the constructs and significations of language and notions of the self/other, through an investigation of the way we communicate, both verbally and non-verbally, with one another.

Sally Schonfeldt (b.1983) was born in Adelaide, Australia and lives in Zürich, Switzerland, where she is currently studying at the Zürich University of the Arts (ZHdK). Her work is predominantly concerned with the dialogical relationship between theory and practice and the potentialities of artistic, aesthetic research. The Ketty la Rocca Research Project represents her first major exploration of these possibilities.  

Große Bären
Kohlmann | Niederbuchner 
Großbeerenstr. 76
10963 Berlin
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